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Union Inks

NPT = Non-Phthalate

Union Ink Co has focused on manufacturing newer and better screen printing inks since its founding in 1931. For over 70 years Union has continued to develop new inks for the screen printer.

First with Hot Split Transfer Inks which revived a very dormant Transfer Industry; first with NYLOBOND, which took a good deal of fear away from printing Nylon Windbreakers; and first with Tru-tone Process Colors the standard for 4-color Screen Process Inks. And this year with Flash-back Reflective inks, Photochromic Color Changing Inks, High Square High Density Colors, Union continues to introduce new special effect inks into the T-shirt market.
Union manufactures a wide range of products including, what we hope are, the best textile printing plastisols on the market. From the general purpose PLUS series to the new highly acclaimed MIXOPAKE Pantone® color mixing system.

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