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EF Mix-Opake MIXE Mixing Series

Mix-Opake, Non-Phthalate plastisol ink is designed with the most advanced technology and made with the finest raw materials to provide the best printing opaque plastisol in the industry. With Union’s Mix-Opake inks you can simulate almost any color in the PANTONE® Gloss Color Selector (Coated). The Mix-Opake inks are also an excellent choice for standard colors when color matching is not required.

Mix-Opake prints easily by hand and also prints well on the fastest automatic presses. With MIXE plastisols, you won't have to slow your production with additional flash curing stations between colors or to clean excessive build-up under the screens.

Mix-Opake is made up of  balanced, ready-for-use plastisols--not concentrated pigments therefore, no need to worry about upsetting the sensitive chemical balances when mixing colors.

Super White (MIXE-1000) is extremely opaque, easy to mix with other MIXE Series colors, and performs well as a fast flashing underbase white on 100% cotton fabric and provides a smooth finish for overprinting.