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Dual-Cure Emulsions

Ulano's diazo-photopolymer emulsions represent a dynamic step forward in dual-cure technology. The Ulano LX series of dual-cure emulsions provide higher solids content, faster exposure times, superior resolution and definition capabilities, and resistance to both solvent- and water-based inks. Ulano's LX dual-cure emulsions are partially sensitized and should be handled under yellow safe light conditions before exposure.

Diazo-photopolymer ("dual-cure") emulsions resemble conventional diazo-sensitized emulsions inasmuch as they are sensitized by diazo resins and contain PVOH and usually PVA. They also contain oil-based water and solvent-resistant acrylate monomers/oligomers, and a photo initiator and accelerator. Because the acrylate increases the emulsion's solids content, it is possible to use less PVA in dual-cures. This spells easier reclaiming and less acetate staining. The high solids contribute to faster drying, sharp stencil shoulders and printing acutance, better mesh bridging, and higher build per coat for relatively lower Rz values.

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